Teaching is one of my greatest joys and something I’m extremely passionate about!

I have experience in adult education, knowledge creation and mediation in various contexts: Institutional and self-organized, academic and non-academic. That includes (art) universities, feminist and queer festivals, conferences, workshops etc.

In my courses, I utilize artistic methodologies to foster emancipatory processes. My offerings are about knowledge gain, reflection skills, broadening perspectives and extending the participant’s repertoire. Providing learning opportunities is what I do.

Already as a student, I developed workshops to share my own pratice and offered support to those interested to apply for art school. I co-founded a student initiative for self-directed and horizontal teaching and learning as an alternative to the master class system within the art academy.

My relationship and approach to teaching is strongly influenced by my own educational biography: Growing up, my access to education was limited. Finishing school  was hard-earned and reaching the elegibility for a university admission highly unlikely. Only 1% of my social demographic make it into higher education. I became one of them. 

As a teacher, I have so much more to offer than my professional expertise. My unique perspective and insight into opportunity gaps and the educational system directly translates into how I design my classes. 

Work Examples

Perceiving the World - Performative Exercises for Care
3-day workshop at DanceHouse Lefkosia, Cyprus, 2023

Body X Space - Strategies for Site-Specific Art
Seminar at University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2023

Drawing is political
Workshop at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, 2022

Fluxus Scores
Workshop at Music and Arts University of Vienna, 2022

Classism - Wasn't that an art epoche?
Seminar (co-teaching with Betina Aumair) at Art University Linz, 2021

Write yourself, your body must be heared!
Writing workshop at Queer Art Days, Berlin, 2019 

City as Playground - Fiction as Artistic Method
Workshop at RASTER : BETON - Festival for Art & Architecture, 2018

I offer a variety of workshops, lectures and seminars on a number of topics and will also happily develop new ones by request. 

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