I am a transdisciplinary artist, curator, writer and educator. I am based in Vienna and work internationally, at any place of interest.

I write, speak, hold lectures, lead workshops and teach seminars. I curate, organize and produce art projects + community events. I appear as a performer in other people’s films and on stage. And I create photographs, videos, installations, performances, objects, texts, voice pieces, food art and all kinds of conceptual projects as an artist.

Many of my projects are created at and for a specific site or situation, in response and in relation to the respective context. I enjoy to design atmospheres and situations where people can meet each other. Whenever possible, my work is accessible to the public for free and shown in non-commercial spaces.

Since 2007, my work has been published widely and presented in galleries, museums, festivals, universities, conferences, community spaces, theaters, cinemas, the public as well as domestic spaces in over 25 countries worldwide. It received recognition in the form of numerous grants, scholarships and awards, most recently the Austrian State Scholarship for Fine Arts (12 months) in 2021 and the H13 Lower Austria Award for Performance in 2020.

Full CV + Portfolio upon request. 

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