Here To Stay (Natural Habitat)On-going since 2009

Here To Stay is an on-going photo series in which I put my own undressed body (and sometimes those of others) into a dialogue with nature and the elements. In these performative and photographic encounters, I’m looking out for similarities between rock matter, water bodies, soil, trees... and my own body, seeking/making kinship with and stating our (right to) existence, our belonging. Here To Stay is/became a visually strong yet quiet and gentle act of resistance against the eradication of queer, disabled, deviant bodies and the more-than-human world alike.

The selected photos were taken in the archipelago in western Norway (with the assistance of Jessica Harvey), the Gornergrat glacier in Switzerland (with the assistance of Barbis Ruder),  north-eastern Germany (with the assistance of Danka Milewska), the Montafon mountain area in Austria (with the assistance of Sabine Schwaighofer) and southern Cyprus (with the assistance of Petros Konnaris). 

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