Liberated Space: Care - Architecture - Feminism

2023/2024 Bratislava City Gallery, Slovakia

On view until April 28, 2024

“What do we mean by care, and how does it relate to architecture? The exhibition Liberated Space presents intersectional feminist thinking and approaches that explore power mechanisms of the architecture environment, and which are grounded in collaboration, solidarity, environmental sensitivity, and exposure of the systemic inequalities that affect our lives. The central theme of the exhibition is a safe space for meeting and sharing, as well as care as an everyday activity and socially shared responsibility that we direct towards ourselves, others, and our planet.”

The group exhibition Liberated Space: Care - Architecture - Feminism at Bratislava City Gallery, Slovakia features three works of mine: The photo documentation (slideshow) of my performance Rest/rest in New York City (2010) accompanied by a text, a photograph (wallpaper) from a guided sightseeing tour, (Sehenswürdigkeiten - Ansichten von Anger) I developed for the Styrian village of Anger (2014) and a poetic video work, created in collaboration with Magdalena Fischer during our shared KOMM.ST artist residency (2014).

More info on the exhibition here.
Curated by Petra Hlaváčková and Nicole Sabella.

Photos: Barbara Girmanová

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