Sehenswürdigkeiten - Ansichten von ... On-going since 2014

Sehenswürdigkeiten - Ansichten von ... (Sights - Views of ...) is a series in which I develop artistic sightseeing tours for areas typically overlooked and/or considered ugly, uninteresting, problematic. I declare some of my findings in the area as sights and also make up my own. The tours are sometimes accompanied by additional elements such a set of postcards and/or a community events like a picknick. 
Previous walks have been created for the East Styrian village of Anger (KOMM.ST Artist Residency), the block building district Grünau in the city of Leipzig (RASTER : BETON - Festival for Art and Architecture), my neighborhood in Vienna’s 10th district Favoriten (Wandertag Wien) and Pottenbrunn, a village on the outskirts of St.Pölten in Lower Austria (Tangente Stadtprojekte). 

More info: 

Video on YouTube about Leipzig-Grünau
Video on YouTube about Wien-Favoriten and on the website 

Photos: Chri Strassegger (Anger), Tobias Neumann (Grünau), Hannah Mayr (Favoriten)

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